The Evolution Of Hip Hop Arrives In Austin
[Jan 2, 2020]


As trends are constantly changing musically in the Hip Hop genre, songwriter and producer Born Soul has added new sauce to the trending sound of hip hop. His new album BadLandz, scheduled to release
January 10, 2020, shows that a catchy bassline, conscious rap and storytelling over trap beats can co-exist. Witness the birth of “Conscious Rhythm”.
Life has a story. Born Soul’s new album BadLandz tells stories ranging from meeting people who thinks he is a celebrity, to people constantly criticizing Hop Hip without embracing the change. The single “Hand Sanitizer” puts emphasis on staying focused on your goals and rid yourself of people who don’t have your best interest in mind i.e. keep your hands clean of all the non-sense.
Born Soul was discovered by a record executive while playing his demo for a friend. The executive agreed to fully finance any recordings for Born Soul to piece together his first album. After the release of his first album, he, along with two partners, established the publishing company Musik Innovator / Hip Hoffee House. Born Soul has shared the stage with Oakland, California’s own Mystik Journeymen, and legendary Houston artist such as Lil Flip and DJ DMD.
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