Jay-Z, Meek Mill & T.i Partner Prison Reform Free Rapper Y Sit GetteUp
[Nov 27, 2019]

Y Sit GetteUp was arrested in Atlanta August 2017, on Drug Possession, Inciting Riots & Destruction of property charges. Y Sit pleads not guilty to all counts. Lawyers hired by T.I., Jay-Z & Meek Mill to represent Y Sit GetteUp lawyers says "The goal is to get him out of custody.

Hip-Hop artist Y Sit GetteUp was arrested and sentenced to 10-12 years to jail in Atlanta back in August 2017, for drug possession, inciting a riot, and destruction of property. He was then transferred to Harris County Jail, Houston Texas July 2019. A Houston judge sentenced the rapper, putting his career on hold for at least the past two years. Later in July 2019, he was then arrested again and stationed in Texas.

In November 2019 judge ordered Y Sit on a 4 year probation, drug program and attend therapy every week. Y Sit's lawyer says "he will be in full compliance for his probation and is grateful he judge showed pure lenience for his case".

T.i, Jay-Z and Meek Mill are working with there lawyers to free Y Sit GetteUp. Artist & other celebrities including Tracee Ellis Ross, Taraji P Henson, T.I, Trae Tha Truth, Jay-Z & Kim Kardashian have also called for his release.

According to Tip, "Y Sit GetteUp is my little cousin and is like [his] little brother". He took the rapper in and has been mentoring him when he was around 17 years old. He's proud of him for taking his rap career seriously and getting his self together in prison.

Jay-Z's company Roc Nation says a person charged to "non guilty cases" should be allowed to be free while they fight their case. Jay-Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter, said the arrest and detention of Y Sit GetteUp Anthony Harris is "an absolute travesty." T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris, said that the arrest of his cousin is completely unacceptable.

T.I. explains that it’s unacceptable for America, as “the greatest nation in the world” to “still have the widest poverty gap and so many people who have substandard education for their children.

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