Kayo Hustle’s New Album, “Lifestyle Of A Hustler Vol. 2” Spotlights The Realities Of Street Life From A REAL Perspective!!!
[Nov 24, 2019]

Email: gorealamusicgroup2012@gmail.com
Url: http://www.kayohustle.com
Sound: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fZTJFtqaYc&has_verified=1

The production on Lifestyle of a Hustler Vol. 2 is consistent across the board with funky bass lines, harmonic melodies, heavy drums and 808’s. With production from Skudda Beats, King Slumpz, Two4Flex Productions, Street Art Musik, and Yung Pear, Lifestyle of a Hustler Vol. 2 brings a unique and different sound that still blends with the current popular hip-hop music of today.

Kayo Hustle expresses that he calls his genre of music “Reality Rap” and has stayed true to the genre with his new project, Lifestyle of a Hustler Vol. 2. He speaks about the struggles of Hustling in tracks like, “Lately” and “Truth”. He also motivates his listener with songs like “Here” and “TwentyFIVE:Eight”.

Being a CEO, Owner, operator, and artist on his own label, Go Reala Music Group, he is showing his audience that dreams do come true with hard work!

This is Kayo Hustle’s 6th album and like “Executive Orders” (released 11/23/18) was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Kayo Hustle himself.

For more information, promotion, or interviews please contact Kayo Hustle at 619.363.5296 or email gorealamusicgroup2012@gmail.com or visit www.KayoHustle.com

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