SirNature AlexZander Alabama’s Best Kept Secret
[Nov 19, 2019]


SirNature AlexZander is BACK!!!!! And he’s back with a Vengeance; after four long years of simmering, meditating and brewing, “Southern Soul Phunk” released on LaVision Records Label is finally HERE!!!!!. This new project is made up of 14 of the greatest song you will ever hear in your life. This musical project is guaranteed to get you moving and grooving. It has something for everyone: Blues, Soul, RnB, even a little Jazz. With songs like, “Hey Ms. Sexie Thang,” “We Be Makin Luv,” “Dance Wit Me,” “Real Good Lovin,” and a whole lot more, SirNature is sure to please.

SirNature AlexZander traces his humble beginnings to a small town in Alabama called Movico. This is where he and his brother Kirk Johnson started but as God would have it this was not the end, it was just the beginning. They moved to Minnesota and as fate would have it, they began working with the Late Great “Prince.” SirNature, a longtime producer, performer, and choreographer, he soon became one of Minnesota’s favorite dancers and he was one of the most sought-after performers in the city. While in Minnesota, SirNature got the most extraordinary break in his life, the opportunity to be a dancer and choreographer in the movie “Purple Rain!!!!!!” although the appearance was brief it made a LIFE LONG, FOREVER impact on his career.

SirNature and Kirk went on to represent Minnesota on the national TV show “Dance Fever,” where the two of them won 2nd place. After that; the self- acclaimed Kirk became Prince’s best friend, drummer, and confidant. SirNature AlexZander decided to pour all his time and energy into working on his TV and music career.

SirNature made sure to keep himself relevant in the industry by always doing something positive. Following him working with the Late Great Prince, he flexed his musical skills by producing several music projects. Once he released his first album “Who Am I? which is still a European favorite even to this day; he never stopped. SirNature continued releasing projects such as: “Mocha YaYa Untaymed,” an R&B project with Mocha YaYa (Prince’s former personal assistant), “I Am Gayle Austin,” a Gospel project with Gayle Austin and “New Jack Blues,” his Blues project featuring himself. We would be remiss if we did not mention the popular Hip-Hop Project “The Prep” released on Excelle Productions Record Label. All projects are still available and are doing quite well on all digital download sites.

SirNature is no novice when it comes to the entertainment scene, he went on to write, produce, and direct his own television show called “Twin City Beats.” This show was good enough to land a spot on the local T.V. network. He also produced a gospel music awards show that also aired on a local NBC station in Waterloo, Iowa. His work does not stop there, he went on to star in a few independent films and he performed with other great celebrities and artists such as Bill Cosby, Alexander O’Neal, The late Ray Charles, Roger Troutman, and Weird Al Yankovich.

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