Aretha Henry's New Album, Mrs. Jones, Packs A Sweet Punch
[Jul 6, 2019]


Aretha Henry has released her fourth studio album, Mrs. Jones. Earlier this year, the Singer-Songwriter released a self-titled EP which included the well-received singles 'Love Language' and 'Bless Your Judgmental Heart'.
The Mississippi native expressed her excitement about the new album recently on Aretha Henry Daily:  “I have to say that I allowed my creativity to flow more with this album. I allowed what “comes up to come out.” It's been fun and cathartic. Y’all have no idea. I love this album so much lol. I can't wait for it to come out!”
The album was recently reviewed by Sleeping Bag Studios:
“Make no mistake dear readers, dear friends…she sounds sweet & all, but clearly Aretha is focused, determined, hungry, and passionate…she’s bringing her A-game to this record, 100%, no doubt.”

“…songs like “Bless Your Judgemental Heart” and “Hollywood” reveal that this artist is already thinking & executing on that next-level…these are tunes that have a style & approach that you’ll find others adopting as they try to catch up to where Aretha is already at now. Like I’ve been tellin’ ya from the get-go here though, the hooks are EVERYWHERE on these songs…it was something so apparent that a quick scan through instantly proved that…but to listen from beginning to end on how the full results came out, absolutely proves just how ready Aretha is for the mainstream. “Bless Your Judgemental Heart” contains one of the most understated and amazing hooks in a song that you’ll hear this year…so freakin’ subtle that it might even slip by you at first! And yet, in next to no time at all, you’ll find yourself needing this song like we all need AIR…Aretha sparkles & shines on this cut."
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About Aretha Henry
Singer-Songwriter Aretha Henry was born in Jackson Mississippi. She grew up in Camden Mississippi and graduated from Velma Jackson High School.
Her debut album ‘Beautiful’ was released in 2010. Some fan favorites from the album were ‘I want you’ and ‘Stars’. Her sophomore album 'Enchanted’ was released in 2012. The single 'Captive’ did very well on both the Indie and R&B charts. The single 'Magic’ was also popular amongst fans. Her third studio album 'Superhuman’ was released in 2014. The single 'Masterpiece’ captured hearts and imaginations with its poetic and inspiring lyrics. She released her fourth studio album 'Mrs. Jones’ on May 16, 2019. 

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