Dr. BENTZ Releases New Single 'Risin' Up' Produced By J Staffz
[Jan 4, 2019]

Sound: http://youtu.be/6qL3MXTueds

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Dr. BENTZ Releases New Single "Risin' Up"

Vancouver/Kelowna hip-hop artist Dr. BENTZ has released his new single "Risin' Up" produced by J Staffz online at https://youtu.be/6qL3MXTueds via B.N.Z. Music – Paradise Entertainment. Laced with the production by J Staffz, who has worked with hip-hop heavy hitters Wiz Khalifa, French Montana, Belly, G-Unit, and YMCMB, the track is an empowering anthem that uplifts listeners from some of the dark perils of life into a new world of optimism and a more positive mindset.

"The song 'Risin' Up' really means rising up in life despite the numerous setbacks that can occur. It means staying focused on your goals and following through based on faith and not logic," commented Dr. Bentz. "At times life can serve you up situations that seem hopeless or that seem to stop you in your tracks or take you off your path. 'Risin' Up' to me defines embodying that and somehow pivoting or re-maneuvering, yet still rising to reach the goal."

With a new sound that embodies the beauty and serenity of the West Coast lifestyle, Dr. BENTZ (aka Kris Bentz) has been grinding through the ranks of the Canadian hip-hop scene. BENTZ’s fresh and clean delivery lays socially conscious bars on listeners on a variety of relevant topics that are impacting his surroundings in Vancouver, BC like sky-rocketing real estate, a lack of affordable housing, income inequality, and corporate greed.

As a Dr. of naturopathic medicine, Bentz has been helping musicians, actors, athletes, and corporate executives optimize their peak performance and overcome obstacles in their quest for health. His practice is at the forefront of providing natural solutions that relieve pain, stress, and enhance patients quality of life.

“I got sick and tired of seeing people, especially my friends, acquaintances, and people in Hollywood turn to drug use to help them cope with the stress and the pressures of life and their careers. I knew there was a better way and that I could teach them how to take the edge off while achieving peak performance through naturopathic medicine.”

Dr. BENTZ is currently putting the final touches on his upcoming debut album for release later this year on B.N.Z. Music – Paradise Entertainment.


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