[Dec 21, 2018]


South American born indie singer-songwriter and trained actor AMARU releases his brand new single today! The "RAP-TITUDE MIX" (a play on words, obviously) is a rap adaptation of the title track of his TWO TIME GOLD Global Music Awards (Los Angeles, CA - USA) winning debut album "Champagne Attitude". The "Rap-Titude Mix" is a completely different song compared to its original counterpart, in that the original is a heavy rock track, very much inspired by the likes of Alice Cooper, Slash, Lenny Kravitz, KISS and "Black Cat" by Janet Jackson. The "Rap-Titude Mix" of "Champagne Attitude" features different lyrics and is somewhat reminiscent of late 80's and early 90's rap. While AMARU is not a rapper per say, he did combine catchy rap verses and rhymes with vocal harmonies in the chorus of this new single, which is about the hurt of adultery expressed from a man's perspective.

AMARU's "Champagne Attitude (Rap-Titude Mix)" is released on the AMARU MUSIC label and it is available on all major platforms of digital music. (2018)

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