UK Rapper Blackajack Drops ĎRageí
[Dec 17, 2018]

Unadulterated power, confusion, frustration, loss of control, perhaps? All mixed into a deadly cocktail and unleashed upon some unsuspecting victim?

Well when you hear this Banger from UK Rapper Blackajack, itís all of the above emotions and more the only major difference is he spits his rage in your headphones and into your eardrums!

The track is unlike much of the soft mumble rap thatís around at the moment. Itís definitely harking back to the hardcore rowdy, grimey, Alpha Male Hip Hop that was such a staple of the Hip Hop about 15-20 years ago. Think M.O.P; think Busta Rhymes and Flipmode Squad; KRS ONE and most definitely think the hardcore master DMX and youíre halfway there.

The hook is infectious. One of those classic hook-lines that sticks in your head. One of those old school battle-cry lyrics that demands to be chanted by the masses like a Spiritual Mantra.

I was very impressed with the verse delivery. There is actually a vocal arrangement going on. Bits are held back, other bits are pushed forward. There is melody in the delivery too which a lot of rappers forget about. Melody is the emotional communication within music. If you donít understand melody then you canít successfully connect with people. If you know this kind of angst ridden rap its best served loud and direct but lazy. Slightly behind the beat, like youíre pulling the whole grove towards you. If youíre baffled by that description (and I wouldnít blame you if you are!) Thatís that glorious thing in Hip Hop music that gets you head-nodding. Thatís when you canít hold it in and you neck is literally breaking trying to control you head moving to the beat.

The beat in question is the perfect choice for this type of delivery and subject matter. The whole thing built around a dirty rock guitar sample. Loads of evil minor inversions that I can only describe it as blood curdling! It sounds like was made by those old rock legends Black Sabbath (Ozzy Osbourne), who are the masters at writing riffs from the darker side of the human psyche. Its drives and the clap of the snare, slaps you in the face mercilessly, just as itís supposed to Ė we ARE talking about rage after all?

In his own words:

ďMy city is so oppressive, Iíve come to find you have to really break out to make a difference, or else they class you the same as everybody elseĒ he adds, ďLiberation and go getting is the messageĒ and after hearing this track Iím convinced it wonít be too long before Blackajack get the success that his skills deserve.

Audience chants ďRAGE! RAGE! BREATHE!Ē I can see it already. Get up and go support Blackajack.


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I used Shazam to discover Rage by Blackajack.



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