Leggezin Fin - First Wu-Tang African Killa Beez Drops Previous Album
[Dec 8, 2018]

Url: http://blackstoneofmecca.bandcamp.com/album/precisao

Leggezin fin who is originally from Angola (Africa) started his music career during his staying in Coimbra (Portugal)in 1994, he joined a group called ACROPOLE as a rapper/producer. However, in 1999 to pursue his education Leggezin moved in Los Angeles to achieve his goal of becoming architect.
With a determination to make his talent heard in the city of angels he opened a label “MAGGNATA PRODUCTIONS”. In 2001 he released his first single as a solo artist “globo terrestre” which led to a CD of 8 song that was only distributed in Angola. Being of a die hard fan of the legendary group wu-tang clan, in 2003 leggezin had the chance to meet the sunz of man’s own PRODIGAL SUNN who was amazed with the incredible talent and energy of Leggezin signed him to his company GOD’S INC entertainment as a producer. His hard work along Prodigal unn led him to be part of the WU TANG KILLA BEEZ.
In 2004 he released another album called “Precisao” where he produced the entire album, the lead single “UNIVERSAL SOLDIER” featuring prodigal sunn was a huge hit, It was then followed by another single INTERCAMBIO featuring 9th PRINCE of Killarmy and FUSE of Dealema. The album also feature the legendary Wu tang mastermind THE RZA. In 2005 he was credited for producing the hit “CAMPAIGN” off prodigal sunn solo debut album” the return of prodigal sunn”. Later on the same year a 4 track album was released to keep his fan base happy including the single AFRO KILLA BEEZ featuring wu killa beez fam kinetic 9 and Shogun the Assassin of Killarmy, Prodigal sunn and Chi king.
Leggezin was also featured on the AFRO SAMURAI(RESURECTION) soundtrack on “TAKE THE
SWORD prt 3”. Leggezin will also be part of the upcoming project ACHOZEN( RZA, SHAVO,

This album was released and sold only in Angola, only 200 Pressed and basically only a handful left, You have the chance of buying the original copy or the re-release of album via black stone of mecca with new art and a bonus track.

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