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MusicDish Review: Vi Stylez' Calypso-tinged "Can't Breathe- We Want Peace"
December 29, 2017

Url: http://www.vistylez340.com

Sound: http://youtu.be/CudOcURXGaM

This is Vi Stylez biggest hit single "Can't Breathe- We Want Peace", which openly addresses the police brutality and misconduct issue within the American society.

The music video starts with an armed man driving his car chasing a man who is running to escape, as it seems to portray the scenes we have so often seen on the news. Throughout the song, the video shows clips of how police have violently acted toward the people, while Vi Stylez sings in a graveyard in memory of those victims to police brutality such as Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, and others.

As the video shows heart-wrenching footages, Vi Stylez intensively invokes his beliefs in the chorus and bridges. The chorus remains simple and yet contains the most important message that he wants to deliver. By using simple lyrics "I can't breathe. You see my end zone. I don't shoot. I know justice. I want peace", he combines calypso syncopated rhythms and repetition, which are enhanced a catchy and memorable melody. Although simple, the message of the song is strong and clear. In the bridge, the music becomes calmer and sings "I want what I am. Because we want our voice to be heard", indicating his desire for how police brutality and misconduct can be brought to justice.

During his years performing on the streets of the Virgin Islands, Vi Stylez has encountered several police acts of violence, having been shot by police multiple times, the last time nearly ending his life. The video ends with Vi Stylez persuading the armed man to stay away from making a terrible mistake, as all lives matter.


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