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"Anything is possible, no matter where you are from " #musicmoney meets @ambitionmusic01
September 12, 2017

Url: http://www.musicmoneypr.com/hip-hop-promotion/4593676748

Where are you from?
Im from Dublin, Ireland

Describe your sound:
my sound is very throwback like, its highly inspired by late 90s to 2000 era of hip hop, my flow is unique to say the least, my lyrics are at times well thought out you know? A "real" mc and my beats are a mix of modern sounds and classic style beats hip hop with human elements, soul truth and some swing too you know? If a song is very deep then complexity makes that emotion seem hard to hear I find that balance

How did you start your music career?
I just realized I don't want a normal life iv never been a normal person and I know this is what I wanna do with my life and I guess thats how I started it! I just did it simple as, belief is a powerful tool to me.

Tell us about your latest track:
Good life is well its very commercial! But very hip hop and raw! Its about me and my vision of a good life, the idea of leaving this broke ass life behind me you know?
Its also the first single of my six song ep called "book of rhymes" everything is self produced and written by me and I hope it gets bigger and bigger.

Who inspires you?
Tupac straight up he's the guy I listen to when I lose touch of myself he showed me through his music that raw feeling matters more than complexity of rhyme but also eminem showed me there can be balance found too he's a huge inspiration, hopsin too! He started in his bedroom like me and hes someone id love to work with I think our minds creatively would make epic music, jay z he's huge too in my list of hero's and 50 cent, rakim! Hollywood undead are dope too I get inspired by them and also one more dude that inspired me with his lost and found album was will smith! He can flow! And then up to recently ll cool j has actually been pretty inspirational too musically. Ed sheeran too he's amazing man! Ice cube !!!.....The list is long haha

What was the first song that changed your life?
Awh man!!!! Changed my life? Id say "sing for the moment" that song is so relatable to my life! It made me realise that anything is possible no matter were your from you know?

Where do you see your career in 5 years?
Hopefully selling out arenas with platinum plaques on my wall like the song good life explained

What would be your dream collaboration?
Eminem jay z hopsin and ed sheeran on one track! Call it renegade part 2! Or something like that!!!

What other artists are you listening to right now?
Very few at the moment! Tech n9ne, hopsin, b.o.b but as far as new rappers impeccable skillz is pretty dope! And I listen to some dude I know named slim my man natural b and this Nigerian guy call slamboi he's cool too but im just really busy working on myself you know?

What advice would you give your 10 year old self?
To start rapping earlier and don't try impress others! Be true to yourself! And learn kickboxing so you can break all the bullies jaws haha sorry I was badly bullied as a kid for having red hair and being different

What are your music predictions for 2018?
Mumble rap dies!!! Hopefully and lyricisism becomes important in hip hop again and ambition will be the next big rapper ripping up the game!

Where can we check out your sounds?
I tunes, cd baby, apple music, tidal ,spotify, Amazon music and most major music outputs

Tell us something about yourself that the people need to know.
I am highly competitive and passionate about hip hop as a genre and as music and im a hard worker and likable, I feel people can relate to me too and I also love rock, punk and metal, also im not a gangsta I never claim it either but iv a bad temper and I've a twisted sense of humour and im taken for good too so sorry ladies haha




Take a look at AMBITION (@ambitionmusic01): https://twitter.com/ambitionmusic01?s=09










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