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DeepTouchSA Our Best Kept Secret
July 16, 2017

Putting a face to a producer is always an interesting experience because it’s human nature to build your perception of what the producer will look and be like, based on their music. So as I make myself comfortable in this humble home studio, I’m intrigued by this young producer named DeepTouchSA.

The man is refreshingly hilarious and if you tilt your head this way, he looks just a little like Lupe Fiasco. Born Simbarashe Musingarimi and hailing from the small town of Polokwane in Limpopo, DeepTouchSA is surprisingly young for the list of accolades under his belt. His musical journey began at the tender age of 14 and today abound with experience and countless titles under his belt, DeepTouchSA is arguably one of most talented DJ’s/producers exports from Southern Africa.

History Lesson:

Before he became the DeepTouchSA we know today, Simbarashe was an IT guru and before that he was even a hip hop head! It’s a wonder he got into house but no one is complaining. Having worked with the likes of Dukesoul and Soul Varti, DeepTouchSA’s sounds are not foreign to neither the local and international house music scene. He’s remixed titles by the likes of Black Coffee and Gene King. In this exclusive interview DeepTouchSA tells us how he started his musical career and confirms that house music is his first love.


* Many people don’t know that your music career kicked off in 2013; can you tell us how the journey all began?

My journey began simply because of the love of music and so whatever followed was all worth it for me. I got my big break back in 2013 I had an idea and I wanted to try it out, music had always been my passion. I wanted to make music that at least some people can actually enjoy and resonate with, and for me this was fun. I went on and did what I loved, which was to make music.

* Some have described your music as soulful, deep and highly emotive. How would you best describe your sound and style?

I would definitely say 100% correct – it’s a mix of soulful and deep consisting of jazzy elements. I think they have defined it well for me, soulful yes, deep yes… music is an art. My arrangement style is from a typical Jazz jam session.

* Is house music your first love? Or do you produce other types of music genres?

Yeah, I’d say House is my first love, but I do produce other genres like hip hop, jazz and R&B.

* You produce, remix and DJ? Which would you say is your speciality?

I’d say producing as I have 6 years experience in that. I enjoy all three of them because when you look at it, they are all one package. They go hand in hand for me.

* What truly inspires your music creation process?

Inspiration… some days it’s not there and other days it overflows, it comes from within. Some of my inspiration comes from being out there. Everything around me, whether its my family, friends or just listening to different sounds.

* Is house music your first love? Or do you produce other types of music genres?

House music is me, its in me and its what makes me who I am. I have much respect for all kinds of music out there but house is what I produce and I love doing just that.


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