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Through my music and words, I want to be able to reach kids like me @koadofficial
July 7, 2017

#musicmoney chops it up with 15 year old sensation @koadofficial to discuss his debut mixtape.

Where are you from?
San Fernando Valley, California.

Describe your sound:
When you listen to my music I want you to feel like summer is all year and every night is a long summer night with your friends. When you listen to my music I want to make it so that you can’t help but smile and think of the good and crazy memories with your friends.

Tell us about your latest track:
Taffy is a view of the world through my eyes. A stupid, loud, emotional, 15-year-old. Each song represents a part of me that shows up in most kids; whose lives need those late-night talks with friends, the stupid shit you know you’ll regret about it when you’re older, the midnight food runs, all while having to deal with their own issues and mental state of mind.

Who inspires you?
Chance the Rapper. What Chance the Rapper has done for rap is just crazy to me and has changed the way we view rap culture. He made it so rap can have a positive message, and have a feel-good vibe to it. On top of that he is still on of the wittiest lyricists.

Where do you see your career in 5 years?
Through my music and words, I want to be able to reach kids like me. Matter of fact, kids like all of us really, who are just trying to enjoy our youth while we have it. I see myself being recognized as a revolutionary artist who is taking a new approach to rap by blending rap with genres such as EDM and House. In 5 years’ I see myself as a touring artist with an established fan base. I see some of my songs on the Top 20 on the Billboard Charts.

Where can we check out your sounds? Soundcloud is where I am gonna be releasing all my songs for now.@KOAD Tell us something about yourself that the people need to know. I like koalas a lot and funny story my rap name is based off of that because the “ko” is for koalas and “ad” is the initials for my name Ajay Dodani.



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