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Boomin’ In My Truck (Whoop) single released by artist Roy DEE Proclaims Hick-Hop Has Arrived!
May 21, 2014

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Url: http://www.facebook.com/roydeemusic

Boomin’ In My Truck (Whoop) single released by artist Roy DEE Proclaims Hick-Hop Has Arrived!

Roy Dee is back with his sophomore project, the upcoming 15 track album, Roy Dee's Hick- Hop Truck Thump as Artists’ previous release spent 8 months on Billboard’s charts.

The manner in which Roy Dee blends, Rock, Country and Rap delivering HICK-HOP appears effortless.

It’s 2014 and Hick-Hop has arrived!Roy Dee Thorne Jr. honed his skills performing in clubs in North Carolina while attending NC SU and NCCU. The weekends were booked up in recording studios.

Roy Dee got his break in Hollywood, CA, when he hooked up with Coolio’s producers, Khamillion Productions. Wron G, Warren G’s manager, made it happen and his demo got in the hands of a veteran entertainment attorney. Within weeks, Roy Dee was in Atlanta working with super People of the SOUTH, Organized Noize, Jermaine Dupri, Lil Jon, Rico Wade, Cee lo, Sleepy Brown.

First Single up, Boomin’ In My Truck (Whoop)- From the upcoming 15 track album, Roy Dee's Hick-Hop Truck Thump - features a unique and special sound that combines a live instrumental vibe with COUNTRY SOUL. It is guaranteed to thump your BASS (the fish): https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/boomin-in-my-truck-whoop-hick/id863633940

The Artist previously scored chart action for 30 weeks, reaching #3 on the single charts, as well as Independent, heat seekers, R&B etc. This rank on the Billboard charts and gave him the opportunity to tour the south -- soaking up what he knew all along - Break the Mold.

The industry put him in the category of Hip Hop/Rap but his moniker was Po White Trash and the Trailerpark Symphony. In his music, Roy was reflecting on his days of growing up country - not in the inner cities. "Really, It felt like putting on a hat that was too small" says Roy Dee. "I was agreeing with radio and industry super weights that I was not from the streets and did not deserve a "ghetto pass" to have a career. Diddy told my label, when looking for a radio promo team and record pools at his restaurant in Atlanta..."I would have a career when Hillbillies Rap, shittt.....Redneck’s FLY.... *+#!*^

Mismanaged visions between Roy Dee and his former label, made them part ways. You know the story! Stuck in Houston, he couldn’t work or perform under Paperwork for years. He Quit. Roy Dee went to the rodeo and heard Jason Aldean’s " Dirt Road Anthem" and fell to the floor. "My Hillbilly King!!!! Who Wrote the song?" says Roy Dee. Roy rushed home and it was Colt Ford and Brantley Gilbertwith Jason Aldean. Well, Colt Ford and Shannon Houchins opened the doors to Average JOE Entertainment a couple years before. "I was so out of touch. I just knew skinny jeans and rubber sunglasses with no lenses were the in thing...very confusing! I went in the studio that next week and knocked some dust off, now I am here," says Roy Dee.

He does not know where he is going to land but Roy Dee’s Hick Hop Truck Thump is Boomin’ my Truck.

“Catch me flying out of my F350 Limousine through the moon roof in your town. I’m that Redneck Diddy… Thanks you’re a visionary. Why put on the hat that doesn’t fit? I’ll make my own. Thanks Hick Hop.” - Roy Dee

Roy Dee takes us through a sneak peek of his Upcoming 15 Track new Album Project Project, Roy Dee's Hick Hop Truck Thump:

Boomin' In My Truck (Whoop)-(TRASHY BOY MUSIC) 4:15
"A unique and special sound that is bringing a live instrumental vibe combined with COUNTRY SOUL that will thump your BASS the fish).”

Hick Hop Anthem (TRASHY BOY MUSIC) 2:31
A backyard outdoor BOOGIE Jam Session with the Banjo Grindin this Bass line with Hicksichord Flow!!!

Shake Shake (TRASHY BOY MUSIC) 2:43
"As soon as the intro hits, a spinal freeze will take place and you will sprint to the Dance Floor" 100% Redeneck-O-Nize Guarantee. The drinkers will get up slow and post up on the dance floor and when Deer paws are shakin’ and the Moose knuckles are crawlin, they will flow this Anthem. In Roy Dee We Trust HICKSO... Be a Witness!!!

Keith MOON and my friend and Attorney, Al Staehely were friends and Al produced a Record and Sang on Keith’s SOLO Album (Dark Side of the MOON). I heard it and twisted it in to a club banger to for both coasts.

Allgrain (TRASHY BOY MUSIC) 3:23
Porch swing and the boys, flexing ONE TAKE instrumentals. Went into the ZONE with Billy Hum and told my story in 35 minutes

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